Our Customers and their Wellbeing

Money Management Team are here to help and assist all of our new and existing customers with their financial reclaims; but we understand that some our customers may need a little extra care and assistance from time to time.

This may be due to:

  • Language (limited English)
  • Age
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Addictions
  • Illness
  • Disability (physical/learning)
  • Circumstances or current events in their lives

We understand that everyone from all walks of life can experience differing degrees of vulnerability at some point in their lives.

How MMT Can Help

At MMT, we support our customers wellbeing during their reclaim journey with us. This means there may be times where we feel it’s appropriate to recommend services that could assist you and your situation.

You can speak to your Claims Manager or any member of our team if you would like further advice or direction regarding your situation. Below is a Guide which features a list of organisations and their contact details that may offer you support both now or in future.

Please note MMT do not endorse any of the below organisations.

Click to download our Customer Helpline Guide

What MMT Will Do

If we feel it’s important that your banks or lenders need to be made aware of your personal situation, we will discuss this in detail with you. Under no circumstances do we disclose sensitive, personal information relating to your situation without your explicit consent. This includes recording sensitive information about you on our internal systems.

We’re also happy to discuss both your claims and your personal situation with family, friends, health and/or social workers. But again, only with your explicit consent.

Everything we do for you and with you will be done so both sensitively and confidentially, and our team will remain non-judgemental, respectful and impartial throughout your time with us.