Why Choose Us

Here at MMT we’re passionate about our customers reclaiming what’s rightfully theirs.
We are focused on providing the highest level of customer service each and every time we speak with you, so every adviser at MMT receives ongoing training and coaching to ensure you receive the right advice and support throughout your time with us.

With our services, there are no hidden costs or up-front fees. We will complete an assessment with you and tell you whether we feel you have a potential case before we contact the banks with a complaint. Fees will apply if you decide to take on our services in full and allow us to act on your behalf. Please see our Service and Fee Agreement for more information.


At the heart of every strong business should be some core shared values. MMT are no different; our values truly capture the culture of our business and are at the heart of our success. We expect every member of our team to live and breathe them every day.

Our values are:

Professionalism, Trust, Respect, Understanding, Integrity and Transparency


Our teams of Reclaim Advisors will ensure you receive accurate information and advice about each potential claim you have and will start the investigation process for you by sending you your Welcome Pack.

Our Mission Statement sets out our vision in a very clear way: “We are dedicated to providing people with the tools, knowledge and ability to achieve a better financial future”