Millions in debt to energy firms as bills rocket and complaints triple

Millions of consumers are in debt to energy firms as the price of gas and electricity rockets, according to new research by price comparison site uSwitch. Research on their website showed 299 out of 2,000 customers owed money to their supplier and applying those results nationally suggests that 3.6 million of us are in the …

Debt worries linked to mental health problems

Debt worries have been linked to mental health problems in new research. A survey linked to Mental Health Week found that 76% of people worry about their debts at least some of the time, but 15% worry about them all the time.

Mortgage holders with repayment problems in ‘debt denial’

There are rising numbers of mortgage holders finding themselves with repayment problems but are in debt denial and failing to seek help for their problem. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) says it has received a record number of complaints about mortgages in the last 12 months, despite the fact that the number of repossessions is …

Are YOU sorting your interest only mortgage?

Are YOU taking steps to make sure your interest only mortgage is paid off? Banks and building societies have been writing to their customers to warn them they must do something to ensure they defuse the ticking time bomb of their interest only mortgage.

Many Brits can’t afford a ‘healthy diet’

Many Britons don’t earn enough to pay for a healthy diet, claim public health experts. The UK Faculty of Public Health have written an open letter to the prime minister saying the situation had become so serious the government should set up an independent group should be set up to investigate.