Are YOU sorting your interest only mortgage?

Are YOU taking steps to make sure your interest only mortgage is paid off? Banks and building societies have been writing to their customers to warn them they must do something to ensure they defuse the ticking time bomb of their interest only mortgage.

Many Brits can’t afford a ‘healthy diet’

Many Britons don’t earn enough to pay for a healthy diet, claim public health experts. The UK Faculty of Public Health have written an open letter to the prime minister saying the situation had become so serious the government should set up an independent group should be set up to investigate.

Debt could rocket by 43% in five years as house prices soar

Households could see their debt levels rocket by 43% in the next five years, suffering from the double whammy of rising house prices and decreasing savings. The Money Charity says that the latest forecasts by the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) show that the average household debt in the UK, including mortgages, is expected to …

Interest only mortgages – over ¼ million have no idea how they will repay them

Over 250,000 holders of interest only mortgages have no idea how they will pay them off when the capital becomes repayable at the end of the term. Under new rules no-one will be allowed to take out an interest only mortgage unless they can show they have a viable plan for repaying the capital when …