Money facts for 2018

Money facts for 2018

In the month where the average price of a house hit an all time record of £227,871, 18 properties were re-possessed every day – one every 1 hour and 17 minutes. Debt and its consequences continue to be a major problem for the population of Britain, both on a national and a personal level.

30,000 ATMS could close

Possible mass closure of ATMs

A plan to rationalise the distribution of free-to-use ATMs across Britain could lead to the closure of 30,000 the industry has warned. In the latest round of the argument over ATM closures, the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) claims that the current network of 55,000 machines is ‘providing financial inclusion everywhere.’

More ATM cuts planned

ATN machine

Cardtronics – Britain’s biggest independent ATM operator – has announced plans to cut back on its national network because of the way the industry is changing. The decision follows plans by Link – the country’s biggest ATM network – for a major change to its operation which could result in thousands of free to use …

Thousands of free ATMs for the chop?

free ATMs may close

Changes in the British ATM network could lead to thousands of free-to-use machines being closed. LINK has the country’s biggest network of ‘hole-in-the-wall’ machines and is proposing an overhaul of its operation which could result in some machines disappearing completely and others converted to start charging customers.