‘Give £10,000 to the young and tax the elderly’

Resolution Foundation

A radical report by a British think tank has suggested giving £10,000 to all 25 year olds and making the earnings of anyone over 65 subject to National Insurance to raise £2.3 billion for the health service. The Resolution Foundation says the moves are necessary to better fund the NHS and to ‘improve social cohesion.’

Don’t let your emotions rule your wallet

Don't let your heart rule your wallet

Keeping control of what we spend is important in a world full of temptations which want to part us from our hard-earned cash and lure us into debt. But something we rarely consider when examining our finances is the emotional or psychological side of money management.

Tighter rules for doorstep lending?

Tighter rules for doorstep lending

Anyone borrowing money from a doorstep lender should have the same protection as those taking out payday loans says one of Britain’s leading charities. Citizens Advice says that copying the rules that curbed the excesses of the payday loan market would stop doorstep borrowers spiralling deeper into debt.

Debt charity receives more than 600,000 cries for help

cris for help to debt charity

One of Britain’s biggest debt charities has revealed it received more than 600,000 cries for help in 2017 – a 3.5% increase on the year before and 22% up on four years ago. StepChange said 619,946 new clients contacted them last year, with a disproportionate number of single parents and people in rented accommodation.

‘Broke’ councils across England to put up council tax

Council tax rises

Council tax rises are being planned across England to save local councils from going broke. The 2018 State of Local Government Finance research claims council tax is set to rise in 95% of local authorities and 93% will also be increasing charges amid concerns for their financial stability.