Insurance firm traces £14 million in lost policies

Insurance firm traces £14 million in lost policies

Royal London – Britain’s biggest mutual, life and investment firm – has reunited 36,000 clients with £14 million worth of policies they had forgotten even existed. The firm spent £2 million tracking down the owners of so-called ‘penny policies’ taken out years ago, many sold by firms which Royal London has since taken over. Sold …

Cutting back doesn’t have to be painful

saving money need not be painful

Even though the Chancellor has told us in his Spring Statement that the economy is at a turning point and there are good times ahead, many families still struggle to pay their household bills every month. But cutting back to make ends meet doesn’t have to be painful, according to top financial journalist Vicky Shaw

Millions of Britons live on financial edge

Living on the financial edge

Millions of Britons are living on the financial edge and struggling to keep their heads above water, claims a new report. The Financial Lives support was produced by the UK’s financial regulator – the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – who surveyed 13,000 people about the state of their personal finances.

What happens to your debts when you die?

What happens to your debts when you die

Latest figures show we British owe more personal debt than ever before – but have you ever wondered what happens to that debt when you die? Does it die with you or is left behind for your loved ones to deal with as best they can?