Money Saving Tips

Tips & guides that work a treat

Make your money work harder for you and find out what you’re entitled to. It’s very true that if you save the pennies the pounds take care of themselves – every little bit helps to make a difference, and if you can find the best ways to make your money work for you it’s very satisfying too, as well as making your financial footing more stable. It’s worth exploring every avenue – here’s a summary of the ways in which you can get control.

  • Benefits and entitlements

    Make sure you are claiming everything you’re entitled to, whether you are working part time, full time, are unemployed or a stay-at-home parent or carer. You can find out more about benefits by visiting Turn2us, GOV.UK or your local job centre.

  • Utility Savings

    Energy bills are notoriously difficult to understand so you might not realise you could be saving money right now on your utility bills.

  • Loyalty Schemes

    Loyalty cards are offered in many shopping outlets, not supermarkets but petrol stations, hairdressers, restaurants and coffee shops. Loyalty schemes will reward you with either points or money off regular purchases. These rewards can be put towards other discounts on luxury or essential items.

  • Vouchers

    Many retailers give away vouchers for discounts on their products, which can be both essential and luxury goods. A good source of these is in-house magazines or brochures, though you may also come across them in newspapers or deal-of-the-day websites.

  • Travel cheaply by rail

    If train travel is the way forward, there are several cut-price rail travel websites around. Try and raileasy for cheap rail tickets.

  • Travel by bus

    Bus companies offer discounts if you can pay for your regular travel in advance. Weekly and monthly tickets could save you a few pounds. Take a look at their website or phone up to see if they do other types of discounts.

  • Keeping your car on the road

    Looking for the cheapest petrol prices in your area? Sign up to and let it do the legwork for you. This website will give you the cheapest petrol in your area on a daily basis. MOTs and annual services are a necessary expense so shop around. Big name garages don’t always offer the best prices; smaller local garages can offer competitive prices for great service too.

  • Feed your family for less

    You might be able to feed your family well for less money, and put the cash you save away for a rainy day. Try Netmums and A Girl Called Jack, though there are plenty of other ‘feed my family for less’ results to be found via a search engine. Another tip is to try and work out when your local supermarket puts out its reduced items for mere pennies, and swoop! If you are really struggling short-term to find money for food, ask your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or local council where your nearest food bank is.

You can get free debt advice from the Money Advice Service – an organisation set up by the Government to offer free and impartial advice to those in debt. Click here for more information.

Scottish residents can find out more about managing debt by reading the Debt and Information package, created by Scotland’s Insolvency Service.