Mis-Sold Packaged Bank Accounts

Packaged Bank Account (PBA) Refunds

If you feel that your Packaged Bank Account may not have been sold to you correctly, we could help you check if your account was mis-sold and claim back your money on your behalf.

PBA Reclaim

If you pay a monthly fee for your current account or have in the past and never used the benefits that came with the account, or you didn’t even realise your account came with extras then you may have been mis-sold a Packaged Bank Account (PBA).

Our friendly advisers are happy to talk to you about making a claim, just add your contact details to the form on this page and we’ll call you back and discuss the next steps to looking into your potentially mis sold Packaged Bank Account.

Don’t be worried about looking into reclaiming

Even if it is the current account you use today, you can still claim. Thousands of people have already successfully complained about their Packaged Bank Account and had their money refunded if it was found to have been mis sold.
If you’re successful, you won’t have to continue paying for a Packaged Bank Account and you’ll either keep the same account or the bank may change it to a fee free bank account.

PBA Claims – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a PBA Claim?

    Many people pay a monthly fee for their bank account. The fee usually includes certain benefits such as phone insurance, holiday insurance, break down cover and much more. These accounts are sometimes called ‘Gold’ or ‘Privilege’ accounts.

  • How can Money Management Team help me claim back fees for my Packaged Bank Account(s)?

    We will discuss which account(s) you have and we'll check if there is a fee attached to it and then we will discuss further details including if the additional benefits were applicable or useful to you and how the account was taken out. Following this discussion if we feel you have a potential claim we will help you to arrange the paperwork and we will liaise with your bank on your behalf.

  • How do I make a Packaged Bank Account (PBA) claim?

    You can do it yourself or, like our clients, you can choose to engage an authorised claims company like MMT (Money Management Team Ltd.) (CRM 34681) to handle the process for you.

  • How will my account be affected if I make a claim?

    If your Packaged Bank Account is still in place, there is a possibility that your account could be downgraded to a free current account during/after the complaint process. Your account details will remain the same, but you would no longer receive the benefits that come associated with the account. It is possible that your account may be downgraded to a free account regardless of the outcome of your complaint.
    If you have already downgraded from the package, your account will not be affected

  • Will making a claim affect my overdraft?

    If your overdraft is connected to your Packaged Bank Account, the bank may cancel the overdraft or they may remove any preferential interest rates that you have received from having this overdraft on your Packaged Bank Account

  • Will Money Management Team charge me fees?

    If you choose to enter into any of our reclaim services, our fee for a successful claim is 25% +VAT. We work on a ‘No Win No fee’ basis.

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