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Payment Protection Insurance Check

Without realising, you might be eligible to claim back PPI if it was mis-sold to you by your lender - even if you are in arrears - it's what MMT specialise in.


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced that the PPI Deadline will be the 29th August 2019.

If you believe you were mis-sold PPI, you must submit your complaint to your bank/lender by this date.


Money Management Team can complete a Free PPI Check* for you to see if you had PPI on any of your loans, credit cards, store cards, and mortgages.

We will complete this check with each of your lenders and if we find you did have PPI we will contact you. We can complete a claim pack with you to determine if you may have been mis sold PPI and we can submit a complaint on your behalf to your lender if you authorise us to do so.

You can submit a claim directly to the lender yourself for no charge. You can also approach the Financial Ombudsman Service and Financial Services Compensation Scheme for free to review your case, providing it falls within their remit and you have approached your lender first.

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Mis-Sold Payment Protection Insurance

Without realising, you might be eligible to claim back PPI if it was mis-sold to you by your lender – even if you are in arrears – it’s what MMT specialise in to help you with your financial future.

We can reclaim mis-sold PPI on your:

Credit Cards
Unsecured Personal Loans
Secured Loans
Hire Purchase Agreements
Store Cards

If you have multiple accounts, the amount refunded could be quite significant if you were mis-sold – it all adds up.

MMT are Reclaim Specialists

Money Management can assess if there’s a chance you were mis-sold PPI and we can assist you to get that money back. We can even help you claim it back if your debt is in arrears, so you can use it to get your finances back in order. You might not be in as much debt as you think.

Reclaim your PPI even if you’re in arrears

You can claim back PPI even if you are in arrears with your loan repayments. Don’t be afraid to ask your bank or credit card company for the money – it’s yours by right.

Use your PPI to pay off your arrears

There are 2 ways a PPI refund can help contribute towards a debt free future. If you are entitled to a refund from a bank or lender you currently have outstanding arrears with, this money may be used to reduce/wipe this balance.

Alternatively, if you receive a cash lump sum for your PPI refund this can be used to negotiate settlements with any outstanding debts you have.

Don’t be worried about reclaiming your money

Millions of people complained about being mis-sold PPI and billions of pounds have been repaid. However, it seems every few months the banks increase the payments that they expect to make and billions of pounds are still to be recovered!

Our Statistics

Our Statistics

Claims back up to


Based on 10% of customers receiving a refund of more than £4,500 between July 2018 - Sept 2018, prior to fee & tax deductions (20% + VAT = 24%)

Reclaimed in 2018

£16.1 Million

Between Jan 2018 - Dec 2018, prior to fee & tax deductions (20% + VAT = 24%)

Largest reclaim of 2018


Offer received June 2018 prior to fee & tax deductions (20% + VAT = 24%)

Independent Reviews

Our customers have given us a 4.5 out of 5* score on Feefo – an independent review platform used to gather real, honest customer feedback.

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We are also the proud recipients of the Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award for 2018.

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The PPI Deadline

The PPI Deadline date has been set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You now have until 29th August 2019 to submit your PPI claim.

If you were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance on your loan, credit card or mortgage, you must submit your claim before this date or face being unable to recover any money you may be rightfully entitled to.

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PFCA Member

Money Management Team is a member of the Professional Financial Claims Association (PFCA). Members of the PFCA undertake to work to the highest ethical and professional standards when dealing with consumers, financial institutions and other parties associated with the process of Financial Dispute Resolution Management.

Click here to read more about the PFCA.

Money Advice Service

You can get free debt advice from the Money Advice Service – an organisation set up by the Government to offer free and impartial advice to those in debt. Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a PPI Claim?
    If you took out a credit agreement you may have been offered Payment Protection Insurance. This was an insurance designed to cover your repayments if you could not make them under certain circumstances.

    You may have been mis-sold PPI if the lender added it without permission, giving you the wrong information, not checking your eligibility or adding it even if you said no.
  • How will Money Management Team help me claim PPI?
    First, we’ll take a look at the credit agreements you’ve taken out in the last few years and assess whether we think you have a claim. You might not realise you can – so it’s worth checking with us.

    Following this, we will help you sort out the paperwork and liaise with your loan company on your behalf. There are a lot of other services we can offer you too dependent on your individual circumstances.
  • How can I apply for a PPI Claim?
    You can do it yourself, or engage an authorised PPI claims company like Money Management Team to handle the process for you.
  • I'm in arrears with my lender, can I still apply?
    Yes, PPI can be claimed back if you are in arrears. However, this may not result in a cash refund – if the amount you stand to receive is less than what you owe your creditors, it could be offset against the outstanding balance of the arrears on your account. The good news is that this reduces your debt.
  • Will Money Management Team charge me fees?
    If you choose to enter into any of our reclaim services our fee for a successful claim is 20%† + VAT.
  • How can I pay Money Management Team's fees if I'm in debt?
    If we’re successful on reclaiming PPI for you, and the money is used to offset against your arrears, our fees can be spread out with a payment plan based on your circumstances. Reclaiming your PPI could put you in a better financial position overall too, as it can be used to pay off existing loans.
  • Will I have a dedicated adviser?
    Yes, all part of our service at MMT. On your initial call, you will be allocated a Reclaims Adviser who will discuss and advise you on any potential reclaims you have. Once you return your Welcome Pack you will be allocated your own Claims Manager who will be your dedicated point of contact throughout the whole claims process. They will take full responsibility for managing your case.

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